I am Francesca Patanè, since 1985. I work as visual and graphic designer freelance. I’ve always considered the deep understanding of all the aspects of the process of building ideas and products - such as ideation, creation, planning, shipping and promotion - as part of my role. I’m convinced that a designer should take inspiration not only from design fields but also from arts, music, literature, everyday life, people and behaviours. And then question all these things. Don’t take anything for granted. And try to look at the things from different points of view.
Creativity takes time and energy, but for me is an easy hard work to do. I stay optimistic and positive no matter what, and look at the problems as opportunities and challenges. It’s all part of growth. I put a lot of passion in my work and I really like what I do because it makes me feel satisfied and fulfilled. I’m lucky because my work is my main passion too.
With more than 10 years as a designer on visual communication, web and mobile apps, advertising and social media marketing, I’m proficient in editorial and digital design, layout and photo-editing, branding, logotype, publishing, illustration, UI design. I love print design, black & white, minimalism, typography and visual communication as a whole, speaking wall, lightness, sharing, quality conversations, stupid conversations as well, sunrises, green grass, traveling, digital collages, coffee and white wine. 
Above all, I like to share ideas and to bring my personal background and personality into places and people I meet in my path. Every experience and new path are the bricks to build my future and enrich my past.
To contact me, send an email to francesca.patane.design@gmail.com
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