Digital Collages #3
Digital Collages #2
Parole, parole, parole #2
Parole, parole, parole #4
Parole, parole, parole #3
Parole, parole, parole #1
Eyes Series
Digital Collages #1
Hexagons Digital Print
Goldish Digital Print
Guts Digital Print
Shapes Series Posters
Print on fabrics
A Cup A Day
Shapes Series
Digital Illustrations
Pattern Design
Tarot Series
Shapes Series #1 Posters
Phobias Series
Anatomy Series
Vinyl Cover - Mahler 10
Logo - Mobile Marketig Italia
ASO - Lyno App
Web Design - Free2Move
Posters - Various
Facebook Ads
Pattern Design - Indoor
App Store - Free2Move
MyCV 2017
Brand Design - Car Sharing
Vinyl Cover Design
Pattern Design - Outdoor
UI/UX Design - Berlin
Branding Myself Showreel
Advertising - Ensemble Mini
Logo & Corporate - Apeary
Marketing Design - Lovoo
Brand Identity - Isole Eolie
Adv Design - Strauss vol.3
Adv Design - Strauss vol.2
Adv Design - Strauss vol.1
Adv - Scenario Pubblico
Brand Logo Identity - Pisa
Thesis Project - SPEECH*
Adv - Scenario Pubblico
Editorial - Personal Project
Magazine - Editorial Design
Adv - Scenario Pubblico
Adv Design - CZD & Modem
UI Design - Smart Bank App
Online Banner - Zoobe
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